Tuesday, July 13, 2010

R.I.P. Mr. Steinbrenner

Non-Yankee fans loved to hate him, as there are few such polarizing figures in the world of sports but, there is no question how much he loved his team and the level of passion he possessed for winning.

George Steinbrenner, Yankees' Owner, Dies at 80 | New York Times

Condolences, Yankee fans.


  1. Thanks, Rosy. I visualize Bob Sheppard introducing him across the Pearly Gates, and I give thanks to the Boss, for bringing the Yanks out of the late '60's dark ages. A True Yankee, and he will be surely missed.

  2. Pretty rough week for the Yanks.

    For the parts of the All Star Game I did watch (or listen) to, I was glad they didn't mention his name every 5 seconds!

    I leave you with this (or these):


  3. :-)

    Thanks for the memories, Daniel!

    And thanks, Mr. Steinbrenner, for trading Jay Buhner!